The Perfect Date – Movie Review

Noah Centineo’s third Netflix movie of the year, The Perfect Date is an enjoyable and good-willed romantic comedy, even if it is filled with clichés and a thoroughly unrealistic plot. If you can get passed the far-fetched storyline and at times half-baked dialogue, you can definitely have a good time watching this film.

Up-scale neighborhood like ones shown in the movie.

The story is about Brooks Radigan (Noah Centineo), a lower class high school student with high aspirations and a dream to be accepted into Yale. As he attempts to write his application essay (yes, very cliché), he realizes he needs to dive deeper into who he is as a person. Not only that, but he needs to raise money to afford tuition for Yale. When an unamiable rich kid from Brooks’s school talks about having to take his cousin to a school dance, Brooks offers to do it for him for money. This is when he gets the idea for an app in which he becomes a paid plus one for girls to take to events. His best friend Murph (Odeseas Georgiatis) designs the app, and Brooks quickly starts raking in business. On top of this, he befriends Celia (Laura Marano), the spunky and rebellious girl he took to the dance. Through a combination of chasing after his dream girl and raising money for Yale, he becomes farther and farther from his loved ones and who he is as a person. The moral is that you shouldn’t sacrifice your integrity to achieve your goals.

Fancy car similar to the one Reece owns.

Not only is the moral of the story incredibly shallow, but the movie is constantly bringing it up and shoving it in the viewer’s face. From a combination of this, exposition, and dialogue, the movie feels somewhat forced at times. Characters spew clunky exposition and speak quite unnaturally; nothing like real high school students. However, beyond these problems lies a fun and lighthearted viewing experience. It’s truly enjoyable to see Brooks live out his dream of driving fast cars and dating the hottest girl. 

High School, where much of the movie is set.

The Perfect Date is an ebullient movie about chasing your dreams while maintaining you integrity. There are quite a few issues in the movie, which is expected in a high school rom-com, but if the viewer can get past these errors, they can truly enjoy this amusing, cheesy movie.

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