Someone Great – Movie Review

Unlike most romantic comedies, Someone Great reverses classic love stories by starting the movie with an intense breakup between a couple in their twenties who have been dating for nine years. Instead of the main character finding solace in a love interest, the film instead focuses on Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) and her friends forming a closer bond through Jenny’s vicious breakup. The movie features superb performances and has an interesting way of making the viewer feel happy and sad at the same time.

New York City, where the movie takes place.

Beginning with Jenny, an aspiring music journalist, lands her dream job at Rolling Stones Magazine. Only one problem, Jenny and her boyfriend Nate (Lakeith Springfield), live in New York City, but the job is in San Francisco. Rather than moving with her or trying long distance, Nate ends his and Jenny’s relationship, though neither of them are happy about it as they are still deeply in love. The next day, Jenny rounds up her best friends Blair and Erin (Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise), and go on one last audacious romp in New York City. During their bender, Jenny learns to recover and move on, not only from her breakup, but also from her twenties and into adulthood.

Concert such as ones featured at the music festival in the movie.

Although the movie is based around Jenny’s relationship, her best friends end up learning something new about their own relationships too. Blaire had been in a relationship with a man she doesn’t love until she confronts him and finds out he feels the same way, so they break up, both feeling immense relief. Erin is also in a relationship, though it’s very casual, until her partner wants to take their “love” to the next level. This leaves Erin with a dilemma; should she enjoy her informal situation with her girlfriend, or decide that she’s ready for a real relationship? Although the actors have great chemistry on screen, the characters lean more towards walking cliches. It’s as if the writers designed them after every 28 year old ever, trendy slang and all.

All in all, Someone Great is an uplifting though flawed movie about moving on from hardship and preparing for the future. It features an excellent cast who all add value to the film wether it be comedic, driving the plot forward, or both. If you’re browsing Netflix late at night, I’d highly recommend checking this one out.

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