Avengers: End Game – Movie Review

Being the finale of the renowned Marvel’s Avengers saga, Avengers: End Game has a lot of pressure to provide a satisfying and definitive ending. First of all, I believe Marvel accomplished this, the writers managed to tie up all the interwoven plots fairly well, though this movie still comes with many of the issues featured in previous installments of Avengers films.

Photo from Africa, where the fictional city of Wakanda is.

First off, this is arguably the most character driven Marvel movie so far- in competition with Thor: Ragnarok– and contains many scenes packed with witty banter between the beloved characters. These “downtime” scenes are some of the most enjoyable in the movie, allowing the audience to witness character growth and to provide some comic relief in between intense, large-scale battle sequences. Speaking of these sequences, this is where many issues come into play, especially when certain characters are fighting Thanos. It’s difficult to tell the extent of the effectiveness of characters’ powers because sometimes a missile from Iron Man will evidently hurt Thanos, yet at other times he’ll get struck by entire buildings to no effect. This makes certain fight scenes seem entirely irrelevant as the audience really has no idea if the fights have meaning. Sometimes characters such as Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange will demonstrate incredibly strong powers, but at other times their powers feel meaningless. This makes their powers seem like plot devices, where characters are only as powerful as the writers want them to be in specific scenes instead of how they really would be in the Avengers universe.

New York City, where important moments in the movie occur.

Despite this, many of the action sequences are still quite riveting due to excellent fight choreography and downright epic moments where heroes are pitted against scores of Thanos’s minions accompanied by extravagant music composed by Alan Silvestri. This is another part where the movie really shines. It invigorating to see adored Marvel characters fight alongside each other and exchange clever dialogue in between strikes.

Space, where most of the movie takes place.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Marvel accomplished it’s goals in satisfyingly wrapping up the infinity stones storyline, and managed to tell a story of loss and how different people react to it (such as Thor binge eating and drinking, becoming a chubby alcoholic). In between the grandiose CGI fight scenes, which are exciting yet flawed at times, there are excellent moments of character development and well-written dialogue. While this generation of Marvel movies has come to an end, it’s certain that these movies will continue to be made for a long time, and I’m completely on board with that.

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